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4ManKindTV is dedicated to promoting creative artists with a focus of spreading positivity. 4MK represents an energy force of humanity, giving back to the community which inspires us everyday. Bottles Give Thanx Belafonte and 4MKTV invite you to tune in to their broadcast every Tuesday to start off your week right! Watch from your computer, your phone.

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Bottles Give Thanx Belafonte

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Bottles Give Thanx Belafonte is an Artist and Event Host that represents the voice of the people. He has written for publications such as “The Urban Release” Magazine based in California. Give Thanx hopes to inspire others to take action for their communities and the beliefs they hold to be just and true. As a weekly Reporter for “Styles From The Underground” on Universe Miami, he currently works under the alias of “Broken Glass Everywhere”. He contributes his time as a Community Activist and Motivational Speaker on behalf on Mankind. As a solo artist and member of the music group “4MK”, he understands the dedication it takes to pursue a creative passion. Give Thanx is the creative Founder of “Auto-Tunez”, a show which highlights underground talent and involves artist interviews of all kinds in the comfort of a car! Now, as a Host of 4ManKind TV, Give Thanx plans on continuing to spread a message of love and music that is understood universally throughout the World.

L Michele


L Michele, Spoken Word Poet Author & Hostess oh and Unicorn Tamer.

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