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Them Unknown Radio is an out of this world electronic hybrid music show featuring a range of styles in the realms of Furian, TAWk, Drunkart, Experimental, Downtempo, Chillout, Trip Hop, Dubstep, Trap, Drum and Bass, Chillstep, Chillhop, and Mashup.

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Fury HD


FuryHD has been a sonic outcast among his peers since his day of emergence. As a student of Sounds Heard In Extreme Lyrical Diversity once he decided never to adhere to any one genre or sound he became sure of what his eventual destination would be…. Hard Definition. As a Producer/DJ/Creative FuryHD extracts sound beauty by sonic deconstruction and reconstruction with the musical results being aggressive, assertive and always innovative music. His audio grasp enhances his true intent which is to change audio perception. He spins Music with a distinct ethnic/reggae influence be it HipHop Trap, Dubstep, hipHop, Drum & Bass or many other Genres. Expect to hear many of his own productions in his mixes as well as special remixes and he always likes to mix it up with a live performer/artist in his sessions. And as one of the shows main producers and a main assistant to #TuBi FuryHD is always involved



The ingenious soul of TAWk remains hidden behind the veils of alchemy. But the experience and innovative style of TAWk has been a part of a cultural movement for over a decade with the sound constantly evolving and redefined for simply the love of it. TAWk’s unique sound is eclectic, innovative, euphoric in its digestion aurally and its intonation which makes it incomparable to the mainstream
TAWk has the innate ability to assess an artists energy, talent and change the ordinary into extraordinary. By using the scriptures of life combining the passion for music and seeing sound as a visionary color palette, TAWk utilizes personal life experiences and achievements to enhance the musical landscape with a different picture. This picture is sonically unpredictable, esoteric, and bridges cultures, gender and genre under the universal symbol of TAWk. It’s more than a sound, it’s a movement


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Out of this world alien species #TuBi is on a mission to understand and explore earth culture. He has already fell in love with its music but has a profound interest in the unknown music, artists, producers and special people of the planet. He decides to extract information from them about their talents by abducting them and having them perform for him or talk to him on the show. #TuBi also features a special mix of his weekly picks of music on the show that he aptly calls #TuBi’s pix. TuBi specially hand picked  Tawk, FuryHD, LineNoise, and BrassKing because of the special abilities, diverse musical backgrounds and the assistance they bring in helping him with the show.


Line Noise


Line Noise is a multi-instrumentalist Producer/Selector who comes from the deep outskirts of stellar imaginations. A push-button cybernetic being who is involved in the endless pursuit to bridge worlds of cutting edge futuristic sounds with organic ancient elements of the past to create patterns of timeless creation.His past musical endeavours have included Brazilian Reggae bands, Funk bands, Rock bands, and a handful of collaborations with other producers in numerous musical genres. His early years with internet radio broadcasting began at The Womb radio in Miami Beach, Florida where he ran his own show segment for approximately 4 years.His belief is that sounds are fluid, just as musical genres can also be fluid, where they are all capable of fitting and flowing into one another with the use of the right tools virtual tools. Musical tracks and genres are like puzzle pieces that can fit into each other – Some fit better than others, but if you can tweak and mold each puzzle piece, than they can fit and mix into each other. Some of the musical genres that he currently spins include, Trap, Dubstep, Cosmic Downtempo, Electro, Glitch, Drum and Bass, Atmospheric, and the mashups of virtually all styles of music. Line Noise enjoys mashing up his sets with guest instrumentalists, DJs, vocalists, MCs, Poets, beat Boxers, and any other musical or visual entities that can collaborate to create a stimulated visual and aural journey performance.

Brass King


BK has been blasting his sound for the past 18 years at some of the hottest spots in the Unites States and around the world. You are guaranteed to hear him touch a little of everything in one nights set. His music is for the Trendsetters who are chic before it hits mainstream, they beat to their own drum and start the styles that become duplicated!!!
The Brass King will not only share his old vinyl and CDs but will collectively explore the many similarities in music and lifestyle. “We have many different names and descriptions for musical genre today, but it all stems from the same place – Africa home of the original drum!” – proclaims The Brass King, co-host and DJ.

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